After graduating from University in July, I wanted to come home and spend the remainder of my summer with my family and friends in Derry before heading back over to Kent to look for a full time job. I can safely say, that after being home and being unemployed for almost five weeks now, I do not understand how people don’t work. Don’t get me wrong, the first couple of weeks were great to have some time off and be able to relax and catch up with everyone but now I am literally bored silly, I need something else to do with my days other than reading and watching TV.

So far this summer I have read 5 novels, watched all six seasons of Rookie Blue and am currently watching Community and White Collar (productive, I know). But as great as that has been, I need more. When I was working at Coffee Republic, coming home and doing those things was like a little reward for working hard all day but when that’s all you’re doing all day every day, it can get pretty tedious.

However, I am quite proud of my growing bookshelf. I have just finished my first Lindsey Kelk novel, Always the Bridesmaid, which prompted me to order the first two novels in her ‘Girl’ series, and I cannot wait to get stuck in. I absolutely loved Always the Bridesmaid. Protagonist Maddie Fraser deserves a medal for her patience, both at work and with her friends. I wanted to strangle Lauren so many times and one of my favourite parts was when Maddie finally gave them a piece of her mind. It was a romantic, honest and hilarious read that totally deterred me from ever wanting to be an Events Planner.


I’ve also started drinking tea in the past few weeks which I guess makes me an adult now. Apart from reading, watching TV and drinking tea, I’ve also been applying for jobs – mostly office and PR related work so fingers crossed something comes up soon. I am now very much looking forward to next week to spend a couple of days with my lovely boyfriend who I haven’t seen in five weeks, before jetting off to Brussels with my sister for a few days 🙂

Perhaps this will be the start of good things to come!