Growing up in Ireland, having 3 good days of summer is the norm but this year has been particularly bad. I went to the cinema on Tuesday to see Ant Man (which was amazing, btw) and had to wear a hoodie and a raincoat – two things that shouldn’t be a necessity in August.

However today things finally brightened up, I mean, the sky was blue and there was actual sunshine. So in order to make the most of it, after a very productive morning of filing out job applications and setting up my LinkedIn profile (which is still in it’s infancy), I spent the evening in the park with my mum and sisters reading my book and watching my sisters trying to play American football.

St. Columb’s Park, Derry, reading ‘Dream a Little Dream’

St Columb’s Park has always been one of my favourite places in Derry as it’s somewhere I’ve been going my whole life. We used to go for family picnics when I was younger and wanted nothing more to run around mad and roll down the hills, then it turned into somewhere to hang about with my friends when I reached secondary school.

I’m now about half way through Dream a Little Dream by Giovanna Fletcher and I am loving it. Review coming soon!