Summer is a time for reading and relaxing but I’ve never been one of those people who always has to have a book to read. Don’t get me wrong, when I find a book I like, I’ll get really into it and won’t be able to put it down but that happens very rarely for me. I always put it down to not having any time to read but really, it’s just because I’d rather lie in bed binge watching TV series’ on Netflix.

The only books I ever read were young-adult adventure series like Harry Potter (all time favourite), The Hunger Games, The Divergent Series and even, to my shame, The Twilight Saga. However, when Giovanna Fletcher (Tom from McFly’s wife) released her first novel, I knew I had to read it, simply because I was a massive McFly fan and this could mean a chance to get a reply from her on Twitter – I did not expect to love it as much as I did. I ordered Giovanna’s first two books, Billy & Me and You’re The One That I Want, on Amazon with a voucher I won for doing a survey at University but only got the chance to read them this summer once I had finished my exams and I could not put them down!

Billy & Me 

Of the two I think this was definitely my favourite. It was so gorgeously romantic, filled with heaps of emotion and characters you could just fall in love with. I was hooked right from the beginning, dying to find out how Sophie and Billy’s love story would play out and what happened with her Dad. The last few chapters had me in pieces, from precious Molly to Billy’s TV interview, safe to say it was an emotional roller-coaster that I loved being on.

You’re The One That I Want

I adored this novel but was rooting for Ben the whole way through. I think part of me always knew she would stay with Robert but I still had hope for Maddy and Ben so was quite disappointed at the ending. Maddy, Ben and Robert had this amazing friendship that survived everything that happened and I think that’s what the story was really about – no matter how much I wanted her to end up with Ben. I will give one thing to Robert though – THAT PROPOSAL, WOW.

All I can say is Giovanna, you have converted me to Chick-Lit. I absolutely love romance and romantic films so I don’t know why I’ve never read novels like this before – thank you! Yesterday, I ordered Dream a Little Dream along with Always the Bridesmaid by Lindsey Kelk and Just a Girl Standing in Front of a Boy by Lucy-Ann Holmes. Cannot wait to get stuck in!

Until next time,