After 8 years, 7 seasons and 92 episodes, Matthew Weiner’s Mad Men reached it’s conclusion last night on AMC.

I have to admit I was a little worried at how it was going to end, with Don being MIA and the news of Betty’s cancer in last week’s episode but I can honestly say that I enjoyed every minute of it.

Phone calls were one of my favourite things about this episode, all for different reasons of course;

Betty and Don: I know he was a terrible husband to her but I can’t help but love Betty and Don together, I’ll always remember that flashback scene where Don tells Anna that he wants to marry her. But when he called her “Birdie” on the phone, I was tearing up with them. Such a beautiful scene between the two characters, portrayed perfectly by Jon Hamm and January Jones.

Peggy and Don: I just adore their relationship and how far they’ve come since the show started. Peggy has always looked up to Don and was never afraid to tell him when he was being ridiculous. I think over the years he always felt that he had let her down somehow so I’m glad they had that final scene.

Peggy and Stan: I’m not going to lie, this scene made me so happy. I think I realised when Peggy did how much I wanted the two of them together. They have had one of the best relationships on the show and I think to leave them getting together until the last episode was right, it was so unexpected yet it just felt so right.

On another note, I am so happy at how things ended for Joan. After the amount of ridicule and abuse she has had to deal with over the years, she did right to get out there on her own and she doesn’t need any man holding her back. However, I must say I did get quite excited at the idea of a Harris-Olson business, Peggy and Joan have always been two of my favourites and are probably the most respectable female characters on the show.

Now, it wouldn’t be Mad Men if they wrapped it up with a bow on top, but surprisingly, the open-ended-ness of the finale didn’t make me want to tear my hair out. Did Don come up with the famous coke ad or did the bell ringing signify that he had finally found peace? Who knows but I thought it was a perfect ending to a superb series, it will definitely be missed.

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