I have been a McFly fan since the dodgy haircuts and the baggy jeans. I literally grew up with them, going to my first concert when I was just 11. Everyone always said to me, ‘they won’t last, they’ll be like every other boyband’ but I knew that McFly were different.

This time last year, things were going great for McFly; they had just performed sell out gigs at the Royal Albert Hall for their 10th Anniversary, a new single and album were on the way and they were finally getting the recognition they deserved for being a BAND, not a ‘boy band’. But it was also when McBusted were introduced. Now it’s a year later and we’re still waiting for that album.

Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t been against the McBusted thing from the start, I thought the tour was a great idea – I went in Belfast and it was bloody awesome. But the tour was enough. It was a great way to give Busted fans the reunion that they wanted but wouldn’t have got without McFly because let’s face it, Matt and James couldn’t have done it on their own. Once the tour was over fans like myself were hopeful that we would finally get the album we were promised that was supposedly their ‘best yet’ but no, McBusted went on and now they’re releasing an album along with their first single ‘Air Guitar’, I mean, REALLY?! And it just sounds like a Busted song with James Bourne’s ‘I wanna sound like an American punk band’ stamp all over it and no McFly. (Danny only has one line!)

And don’t even get me started on this bloody Tourplay thing. Who are they trying to be, One Direction? What ever happened to a simple tour DVD? But oh no, I suppose that’s not good enough for the supergroup that is McBusted. I think it’s all about the money for them now which makes me feel very disappointed as I believed McFly were about more than just making money but everything they’ve done with McBusted just proves otherwise. Tickets for my first McFly gig were £28 then they had people paying £150 to be in the OMG Zone at the McBusted gig, what?

Angry fan tweets #bringbackmcfly

The thing that got to me the most is how rude McFly have been to fans on twitter when they’re asked about Album 6 and McFly coming back. It’s like they’ve completely abandoned McFly and their fans. Granted they’ve gained lots of Busted fans but they’re losing so many McFly fans. To those fans who say ‘you’re not a real fan if you don’t support McBusted’ – JUST NO. I am a MCFLY fan, I love MCFLY minus Matt and James, MCFLY are a million times better than McBusted.

I can only hope that they eventually come to their senses and finally release Album 6. I really want my favourite band back. What ever happened to ‘McFly’s here forever’ guys?