After last weeks season premiere, ‘A Tale of Two Sisters’, I wasn’t quite sure how I felt about the Frozen storyline. Once Upon a Time has always put their own spin on the original fairytale and I just felt the first episode was a little too much like the movie – don’t get me wrong, it was great to see the ‘Frozen’ characters come to life, the costumes were amazing and the casting was spot on – Georgina Haig portrays Elsa as the troubled, frightened young woman she is and Elizabeth Lail is simply delightful to watch as Anna – but I wanted something more.

And that’s exactly what ‘White Out’ gave me. I thought it was great how Anna’s first connection from the Enchanted Forest is David, I think it’s going to be very interesting to see where that goes and how she reacts finding out what he made of himself. Also, bravo OUAT for all those ‘Frozen’ throw-in’s, Anna calling herself Joan and David’s mother giving her sandwiches for the road (tumblr has made some quality comparison gif sets). I never realised how similar the characters of Emma and Elsa were, both were given responsibilities they did not ask for and magic they did not understand, therefore I think they will help each other in controlling their powers and am looking forward to more interactions between them.

The interaction between David and Hook was great this episode – David acting like a typical father talking to his daughter’s boyfriend and Hook proving that he’s more than worthy to be with Emma. Speaking of Hook & Emma, can we just talk about how adorable they were in this episode? Colin & Jennifer’s chemistry is amazing, particularly in that scene when they’re sitting by the fire and she’s looking over at David and Elsa talking, all the while Hook never taking his eyes off of her – you can clearly see how much she means to him and he nearly lost her, the woman he traded his home for.

And finally: ELIZABETH MITCHELL GUYS. she was literally in this episode for a minute but OMG I got chills (pun intended). I am so excited for next week’s episode now!