Photo by Franklin Fann

Bradley McIntosh and Jo O’Meara proved there’s still no party like an S Club party as they performed in front of hundreds of excited fans at Bliss Nightclub in Gillingham. I was lucky enough to chat with them before the show.

How does it feel to be back performing again?

Bradley: When the band finished back in 2003 and then we did our first gig a few years later, those ones were kind of weird but we’ve been doing this a lot over the past 6 years, just here and there y’know, especially at this time of the season.

What’s it like with just the two of you?

Jo: We work alright together don’t we? We’re musically connected.
Bradley: It doesn’t matter how many you’ve got on stage, once the music comes on you just get into it.

How do you think the music industry has changed for mixed gender bands? When will there be a new S Club?

J: There’ll never be a new S Club (laughs). I don’t know, things like that just go around in stages. Groups like us will probably come back again in fashion at some point.
: You might’ve just spoke too soon because there are a couple of mixed groups in X Factor.

Would you ever consider doing a show like the big reunion?

B: Number 1, it’s a great show and we know a lot of the bands anyway and I’ve seen them since and they’ve had a great time. People have always said to just ‘oh when you going to do it?’
J: But it’s not right for us at the minute.
B: No, we’re really busy I mean you know kids, well kid (points to Jo) and Rachel’s got another one on the way. Getting 7 people together is a lot harder than most bands.  If we were to do it we wouldn’t need that TV show, we’d just do it maybe in three, four or five years.
J: We’d all love to do it.
B: Yeah, we’ll just get someone else to dance and we’ll just sit on some chairs.

You’ve all branched out and done different things over the years.

B: Yeah, Jon’s in the theatre playing Frankie Valley in Jersey Boys.
J: Tina’s writing and recording, Hannah’s done TV.
B: And I’m more behind the scenes in the studio.

Do you all still keep in touch?

J: Well yeah, every now and then. Me, Bradley and Paul were in touch, probably the most and I think Hannah and Jon were in touch a lot.
She wouldn’t stop calling me.
J: I can’t leave him…
B: We’re like brother and sister.

Photo by Franklin Fann

Are you excited about performing tonight?

B: Yeah it’s gonna be fun. We haven’t been down here before, it’s a new one. It’s all down to the crowd so as long as the crowd are having a good time; we’ll have a good time.

Even though your fans have all grown up, they still want to hear the old classics…

J: It makes us feel quite old because they’re all out drinking and getting drunk now and they’re like ‘Oh I remember you when I was six’ and we’re just like ‘Oh god’ (laughs)
B: I feel very proud to be able to be a part of people’s childhood.
J: We’re lucky, we’ve always had good fans.

What were the advantages of having 7 people in a band?

J: You could never really get bored of one person, there was always someone else to flit off to. If Bradley was getting on my nerves, I’d just go talk to Rach for a bit.
B: Also in TV interviews if someone wasn’t feeling quite chatty then you know you’ve got six other people to cover it for you.