I’m now back in lovely Medway, getting settled in to my new house – all in preparation to start my second year of university. I honestly can’t  believe how fast last year went, I really do not feel mature or experienced enough to be going into second year – still a fresher at heart! 

Last year was a bit of a breeze so seeing as this year actually counts towards my degree, I’ve decided to set myself a number of goals this year in order to get as much out of my course as possible:

  • Pass 80wpm in shorthand before Christmas
  • Achieve over 60 (2:1) in ALL assignments
  • Apply (and hopefully get) more work experience
  • Maintain this blog!
  • Write more for the Medwire (Student Magazine)
  • Be better prepared for morning conference (even if it means leaving the comfort of my amazing double bed)

BUT before all this hard work starts, it’s time for REFRESHERS – you can’t miss freshers no matter what year you are!